Bee Aware!, not just another Bee Game! by Danny E.K. van der Kolk.
For ages 10 to 122!

    Help the bees get rid of all the bad, bad industrialists on every continent with the use of bags of biological pest control. Earn these bags by playing seven minigames. Games that will surely fit the needs of every casual gamer.

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    Watch the trailer! ...on YouTube!
How to play Bee Aware! guess what... on YouTube.
Watch gameplay impression! still on YouTube!
Bee Aware! (main game) ...beat the bad, bad industrialists!
Bee vs Mites! ...pick the flowers and avoid the varroa mites!
Bee Smart! ...crack the quizzes and be smart!
Bee Remembered! ...train your brain with a memory excercise!
Bee Amazed! ...move through the dark maze of a hive!
Bee Puzzled! zen with some relaxing puzzles!
Bee't the Bear! ...beat the bear in this unique puzzler!
Bee Fast! ...outsmart Billy Joe Henry Bob!
Cho-Han! (mini-minigame) a game of cho-han with Billy Joe Henry Bob!
Tic-Tac-Toe! (mini-minigame) a game of tic-tac-toe with Billy Joe Henry Bob!
Bee Helped! ...all game rules explained!

Developers Log 2 ...background, fixes and progress.
Developers Log 1 ...background, fixes and progress.

    Fun and relaxing gameplay for the casual gamer.
Beautiful ambient music (per game) by Polish composer Jacek Dojwa and by Georgke, who composed Ambience Composition.
There's a total of 9 different songs in the game!
Beautiful images (well, some).
Some cool sound effects.
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Bee Aware!    Bee Aware!

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